Trailer Purchasing

If you are coming in to purchase at one of our locations, we except a bank cashiers check, or cash. If you need to use a charge card there will be additional fees applied. ( Our goal is to keep trailers as inexpensive as possible, so

when we take your card we get charged the same fee by the card companies, this can have a big effect on

our profit. )  All trailers are priced if paying cash at the best savings for you and your budget. 


Additional card fees : 2.9%  for Visa and MC.  3.2  Discover.   3.8 American Express


Personal checks no longer accepted. No exceptions.

If purchasing by phone on a trailer we have in stock, a 300.00 deposit is required to hold it for you.

This can be done by card with no additional fee charged. ( additional fees would apply to balance

owed only. ) If coming in to pick up your order above terms would apply to the same. 


Bank wire transfers of funds welcomed.


Ordering a stocked trailer not currently in stock requires a 300.00 deposit.


Ordering a trailer with additional options and configuration requires a 500.00 non refundable deposit.

( this trailer may require a longtime to move from inventory and tie up working capital if not picked up.)


Some very large trailers designed to fit a certain application may require a larger deposit, also

non refundable. This amount is at the discretion of Pirate Marine LLC.


Card fees are not charged on deposits.


Cancellations :


If you find you need to cancel a trailer purchase, you have just 3 days from deposit paid to do so.

There will be an administration fee charged and balance returned. This only applies to current

inventory on hand and not to any trailer or trailers on order.

If you order a trailer that you want delivered, the same deposit amounts from above apply.

If trailer is delivered by one of our local drivers balance can be paid to driver in the form of

a bank cashiers check only. No cash or personal checks excepted. You can however pay

for your trailer in above terms over the phone prior to excepting delivery.


Ordering a trailer being delivered by an independent driver requires payment in full prior to

the trailer leaving our facility by any of above choices. No exceptions. Delivery fee would be

paid directly to that driver.


We do not offer any financing or payment plans. We will however help provide all needed

documents for a financial institution of your choice.



All bank cashiers checks should be made payable to Pirate Marine LLC.


Thank You.